MLLAG is the Brand of Silk Scarves from the artist where they combines the world of Fashion Design and Digital Art. 

For all inquiries or commissions 
please send an email. 

All orders are made on request.
Contact if you have any questions.
Your order will be ready between
2-6 weeks to be agreed upon.

[+]Care instructions

Silk is a delicate fabric and should be washed with care, preferably by hand with cold water and a neutral or special soap for natural fabrics.
Soak the scarf in water, if you find a stain, rub gently with your fingertips in circles to not deform the silk fibres. Do not leave it submerged for a long time, wring it out with water. For drying it is recommended to spread it out in the open air, on a towel or hanging it from a rod, never hang the scarf with tweezers that would deform the fibres irreversibly. Avoid leaving it in the sunlight, as this can fade its colour and shine. If you want to iron it, it is important to do it when it is damp, placing the scarf on its back and with a cloth in between to protect it from direct contact with the iron and the steam.

Buying MLLAG silk scarves you are supporting young designers and independent emerging brands.
*Cv and Portfolio upon request.